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How RentSpree works

  1. Invite applicants to apply

    Share a special link with renters so they can apply. RentSpree will then walk applicants through the screening process.

  2. Applicants authorize

    Applicants enter all required information and authorize their screening reports to be pulled and instantly shared with you.

  3. View and Print

    You will receive an email notification for each applicant who applies. Access all reports in seconds to view, save, or print.

What’s Included?


RentSpree's credit report will help you determine how likely an applicant is to meet the financial requirements of renting. You'll receive a TransUnion credit report and score, which comes with over 40 years of trusted experience.

Each credit report is available to you within seconds after an applicant authorizes. But there is no compromise on the information provided. RentSpree's credit reports are fully detailed and include trade lines, payment history, inquiries, collections, and more! Best of all, the reports can be generated 24/7.

Your Benefits

Standardize your entire tenant screening process
with RentSpree's all-in-one system.


Reduce Liability

Stop needlessly handling sensitive applicant information. Let RentSpree gather the information needed to make a decision so you don't have to. Applicants securely
apply and authorize their screening reports on our site.


Save Time

Sign up and start screening your first tenant in as little as two minutes. All tenant screening reports are available instantaneously.You and applicants can access RentSpree on the go from any mobile device.


Please Clients

You will receive clean and professional screening reports from each applicant who applies. You'll rest easy knowing you can quickly access the comprehensive information needed to make an informed decision.

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